Burn to the beat

Imagine a space, steps from home, that can pull you out of your one-dimensional fitness routine. Heart-pumping music greets you at the door and a progressive fitness world motivates you to challenge yourself. 
We are C.Y.B. Studios — Cycle.Yoga.Barre.build.
We are committed to building a community of members who crave dynamic fitness and prioritize wellness. See you at C.Y.B. 

Core Values

To build a Fitness Studio environment where all employees and customers are Part Of A Community and can feel confident knowing they are never alone. As a member of the CYB community, customers and employees are in a safe space where they feel seen and heard and can be true to who they are.
Holding ourselves and the delivery of our services to the highest standard at all times. CYB provides a clean and boujee environment while exemplifying a character of humility and graciousness for our employees and customers without the boujee attitude. And we always strive to do more, even if that means making errors along the way.
03.Honesty & Integrity
We are honest and authentic with ourselves, each other, and our customers. We always strive to do the right thing, even when it's inconvenient. We are committed to doing what is best for our customers, employees, and shareholders alike.
As CYBians, we have a strong passion for fitness, our community, and our goals. We are always pursuing our next goal, with the belief that we will get there no matter what, sharing that passion with our community.
CYB delivers the best-in-class programming by staying connected to the latest trends in fitness. We are constantly evolving and innovating fresh content for our employees and customers.


“Bright Lights Big City” is what you feel when you step inside our Cycling Studio.  We ride on all terrains to captivating beats.  Metrics, Rhythm and Beats – Let’s Ride!



Dim lights, Candle Hue, Infrared technology and deep bumping beats to stimulate all your senses and captivate your flow! We Flow, we Sculpt, we restore and we hold – Let’s Yoga!



Tall ceilings, ballet Barres, grippy socks mixed with high energy beats to take your barre experience to the next level.  It’s not ballet its barre fitness – let’s Barre!



Intensity, motivation and Bumping Beats surround you as you Build strength, endurance  and power in this High Intensity Interval Training class. Sweat, Lift, Work and Drive – Let’s Build!