Beats 30

30 minutes

Similar to Beats Cycle, this class is musically driven, connected yet competitive, hard yet manageable and we get you in and out in 30 minutes

Beats Cycle

45 & 60 Minutes

Beats Power Ride is a cycling class that is driven by metrics and music. A high-intensity interval training ride that will challenge those that come to work hard but can be modified for newcomers looking to get started in Cycle.



45 & 60 minutes

YSculpt is a blend of power yoga, resistance training and heart pumping music to create an energetic full-body workout. The combination of high intensity movements, light hand-held weights and cardio bursts are designed to increase your heart rate, build muscle tone and torch calories. Heated to 85º – 90º with Infrared Technology


50, 60 & 75 minutes

YFlow is a musically driven Yoga Practice where you flow to the sounds of Hip Hop artists like Drake and Post Malone. The lights are low and the beats are pumping while we guide you through traditional Vinyasa sequences. Heated 85º – 90º with Infrared Technology


Barre Cardio

60 Minutes

Our Barre Cardio class combines yoga, pilates, strength, cardio and some ballet moves. We use ballet barre movement to help build strength, stabilize your balance, and improve your flexibility.


45 & 60 Minutes

Barre fitness classes are ballet-inspired workouts focusing mostly on small micro-movements to target and burn isolated areas of the body. This full-body, no-impact workout creates muscle tone, flexibility, core strength and improved posture!