Beats Cycle

45 Minutes

Beats Cycle is an indoor cycling class driven by metrics, music and lights. Accessible to all fitness levels, this high-intensity interval training ride will challenge and push you to your limits. Get immersed by our motivational coaching, pumping beats and night-club vibe guaranteed to leave you sweaty and inspired.

Beats 30

30 minutes

Beats 30 is a high-intensity ride designed to increase your cardiovascular endurance and maximize your calorie burn by keeping your heart rate up with less recovery time between intervals. Similar to Beats Cycle, this class is driven by metrics and music, hard yet manageable, and gives you all the benefits of a 45 minute class in less time.

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60 Minutes

YBalance is a more traditional Vinyasa Yoga class done at a slowed-down pace so there’s time to explore individual postures and transitions. We sequence this class to a peak posture, gearing the body up with posture variations to drive us to that peak moment in class. If you are newer to Yoga, this class helps you build confidence and familiarity, while more experienced participants can refine and dive deeper into their practice. Open up and strengthen the body and mind by tapping into poses and breath synchronized with movement. Class is heated between 90° - 92° degrees in our state-of-the-art infrared heated studio.


60 minutes

YFlow is a non-traditional, musically-driven Yoga class designed to be a very personal yoga practice. We guide you through three short sequences repeated twice, then give you time to repeat a third time, making it your own Free Flow. Free Flow is the soul of this class, designed to give you time to do exactly what your practice needs. Class is done to Hip-Hop Beats ranging from the best artists and popular sounds you hear today. We keep the lights down low and the music loud so you can lose yourself in your practice. One-minute power pushes are added between sequences for an added burn. This class is for all levels. Heated between 90°- 92° degrees in our state-of-the-art infrared heated studio.


45 minutes

YSculpt is a blend of power yoga, resistance training and heart pumping music to create an energetic full-body workout. The combination of high intensity movements, light hand-held weights and cardio bursts are designed to increase your heart rate, tone your muscles and torch calories. This class always begins with a yoga flow warm up and ends with a restorative yoga stretch. In between, you'll work hard hitting all your major muscles groups, especially your heart! While yoga experience is beneficial, it is not required for this class. Heated between 82° - 86° in our state-of-the-art infrared heated studio.


45 and 60 minutes

YBurn is a blend of resistance training and yoga poses targeting your glutes, abdominals, and back muscles. Your core muscles are the muscles deep within the abdominals and back, attaching to the spine or pelvis. This class is designed to help students access their core and glutes in a direct and effective way. By focusing on these core muscle groups we focus on improving stability, alignment, and strength. Our goal with YBurn is to enhance our clients performance and prevent injury by focusing on these three muscle groups that are essential to training and conditioning in all of our classes. Accompanying this with yoga allows for muscle repair and recovery. This is a great class to pair with any of our other modalities. YBurn is taught in the yoga room at 88-92ºF. Soak in the benefits of our infrared heat while strengthening your foundation, physically and mentally. This class is for all levels.

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barre / build


45 Minutes

Barre is a ballet-inspired fitness class focused on small micro-movements to target and burn isolated areas of the body. Using a blend of Pilates, yoga and other strength training exercises with resistance bands and balls, this full-body, no-impact workout creates muscle tone, flexibility, core strength and improved posture. With an intense focus on smaller movements and deeper muscles, your body will burn and shake - but don’t worry, that just means you’re doing it correctly. Barre (grippy) socks or barefoot are welcome.


45 Minutes

Build is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class focused on strength and resistance training, as well as core and cardio for an intense full-body workout that will leave you feeling accomplished (and spent)! You will continually challenge your body to avoid a fitness plateau by using dumbbells ranging from 2 - 25 lbs along with your body weight. Modifications and weight selection make this class accessible to all fitness levels, and our motivational coaching and music will keep you going. Wearing trainers is recommended.

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