Teacher Training

We're always looking for

cycle, yoga, barre and hiit instructors

At CYB Studios, our teacher training programs combine several years of experience in the fitness industry across not only the modalities we offer but many more. Our commitment is to bring the highest level of education to our training programs to ensure teachers know how to lead a class and the why behind it. Our trainings teach instructors how to coach effectively with moves, music, and cueing and how to truly inspire and educate students about their bodies.

Q: Do I have to teach if I take the training?

A: No! Our trainings are for anyone looking to gain more knowledge about the program and about themselves.

Q: What’s required of me during the training?

A: Be on time, be present and be ready to learn. In addition to in-studio training expect homework!

Q: Can I only teach at CYB Studios?

A: Our training will give you the tools to teach a class anywhere, but of course we’d love for you to teach at CYB!

Q: Are there any pre-requisites to trainings?

A: No, but we recommend that you take at least one of the classes you're interested in getting trained on.

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