Never Late is Better

Just be early so you are always ON TIME.
Arriving late does not set the class up for success and is distracting to all.

unplug and recharge

Leave your cell phones outside the studio and no talking during class.
Chit chat will be waiting for you outside the studio and so will your Instagram post.

Trust the Process

Trust the teacher, trust the desk staff and trust the process for class registration, check in and delivery.
Doors close when class begins and re-open when class is over. #commit

Keep it Clean

We work close to each other so avoid heavy fragrances and be aware of clean laundry and good hygiene.
We have full amenities to support you.

Respect Each other

Respect the desk staff, the teachers and your fellow CYBians that are here to give and receive the best workout.
Be kind, be present, and be accepting.

Leave your $hit at the Door

Check yourself at the door and leave all drama outside of the studio.
We come in ready to work together without distraction.